Tyler Morris Rocks Van Halen

Congrats to Epiphone and Kramer phenom Tyler Morris and his band Eruption on his long anticipated and outstanding tribute to Van Halen’s debut album at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA last week which saw Morris performing VH classics on his new Kramer 84s through period-correct amps (including a genuine Van Halen cabinet) to a packed and very enthralled audience.

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Introducing Phoenix Van Der Weyden

Kramer is proud to welcome Brazilian native Phoenix van der Weyden to the ever growing Kramer Artist Family and on her latest release, Defying Destiny, which has been stirring up a lot of buzz since its debut last summer. Michael McDowell, who released Defying Destiny on his label Shredguy Records, was an early fan.

Kramer at Winter NAMM 2019!