From the emerging underground of new British metal to the rock clubs and festivals here in the U.S., to the television studios of South America, more and more players are picking up the Assault…and not wanting to put it down!

What’s made the Kramer Assault the guitar of choice for musicians all over the globe? Well, for starters, when the Assault series was being designed, Kramer took all the features found in their rich history of S shape guitars and featured them up in a single cut design. With its 25.5” scale length, the Assault is perfectly suited for lower tunings and the heavier strings that are the hallmark of today’s metal and makes big bends and fast, fleet sweeping smooth. The slim tapered, D shaped 24 fret neck is lightning fast and is set necked into a body that's almost a quarter inch thinner than your average single cut design and features a belly scarf for added comfort on the back. If you're tired of feeling like you’re carrying a ton of bricks on your shoulder on stage, but don't want to compromise tone...we did this guitar just for you.

The Assault is available in a variety of kick ass pickup, bridge and finish options. Configurations include Floyd Rose or string through T.O.M. and Seymour Duncan/EMG pickup options. From the coil tap features of the passive pickup models to the full out aggression of the EMGs, the Assault line can handle everything from chicken pickin' (when in season) to full out high gain madness. Whether you are just starting out or you’re a veteran of the clubs and studios, you’ll find the Assault that’s just right for your style and budget.
Check out these electrifying artists below and then find your nearest Kramer dealer and become a member of the Assault Club.