Kramer interviews Paul Varnick of Full Devil Jacket

You guys just came off tour with Drowning Pool and Adrenaline Mob. How was the tour? What else is coming down the pipe from FDJ this summer?

The tour was awesome! Great bunch of guys in both camps. We have many cool things planned for 2015 and beyond. Our new album Valley of Bones was just released in the US by Entertainment One Music, and will be released in Europe very soon. We will be announcing our summer tour dates in the near future as well.


Tell us a little bit on how you came to be involved with FDJ.

I’ve been a close part of the FDJ family going back to the origins of the band. Keith Foster and I played in Mother Crush before FDJ formed. We all basically grew up together. When the opportunity to join FDJ presented itself, I was more than happy to accept.

Paul Varnick from Full Devil Jacket

Who are your favorite players and why?

So many great players I enjoy it’s difficult to name only a few. Tony Iomi and Dimebag Darrell are amongst the top of the list for sure.

What made you want to first start playing?

When I was about 10 years old I discovered Kiss and thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Ace was awesome, and I wanted to play like Ace. That was it, hooked for life. Now Ace Frehley and I are on the same record label, crazy how things work out.

Who are you currently listening to?

Looking at my recently played list… I’ve been listening to Godsmack, Steel Panther, Drowning Pool, Alice in Chains, and Lamb of God.

What do you love about your Kramer?

First thing I love about my Kramer is playability. I love the neck, the weight, the balance, and they look Awesome too! I use one for our basic tunings and another for the lower tunings like drop b or A. Both of my Kramer guitars handle any tuning like a champ.

What is your current rig setup?

I currently use a pair of Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers. Pedal board is kept simple with only a classic wah pedal, volume pedal, delay and tuner.