Summer NAMM 2019 returned to the Nashville Convention Center and Kramer was front and center in a spectacular Gibson Brands Floor Show which featured Epiphone, Steinberger, Gibson USA, and Gibson Custom. For those of us in the instrument business, a trip to planet NAMM is as close we will ever come to landing on the moon. At NAMM, everyone struggles equally to find gravity among craters and mountains of blinking lights, keyboards, drums, effects pedals, and blaring amps. Even executives and studio studs who are used to commanding respect and fear are once again sized-down to average Joe's and are likely to be found in the back of a minnow-like crowd of muscle flexers and easy chair rockers armed with burlap bags stuffed with free stuff, all straining for a glimpse of a "Freebird" phenom set loose from their bedroom and put on display by a credit-maxed small guitar maker.  

Kramer laid out a spectacular array of new guitars including the SM-1, the 84, the Baretta Special and Vintage, the historic Nightswan, Assault 220, and many more to come. Summer NAMM is also about the new player who is about to step out of the amateur world and into the professional world, and for that alone, the semi-annual convention held in Nashvillle and Anaheim every January is worth the trip. It was fantastic to see scores of young teens rocking out on metal, country, rock, pop, fusion, and jazz without regard to fashion, fame, or freebies. While older attendees might dream of owning a 60th anniversary Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul or a Peter Frampton "1964" Texan, the next generation is just ready to plug in and be heard. Stay tuned to Kramer for more updates soon. In the meantime, read our interview with David P. Stevens and check out the new single by Phoenix Der Weyden to get an idea of where Kramer is headed in the 21st century.