Congrats to Epiphone and Kramer phenom Tyler Morris and his band Eruption on his long anticipated and outstanding tribute to Van Halen’s debut album at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA last week which saw Morris performing VH classics on his new Kramer 84s through period-correct amps (including a genuine Van Halen cabinet) to a packed and very enthralled audience.  Morris arranged the program to reflect Van Halen’s road show circa 1978 and the results were--characteristically--beyond category. Check out the recent Epiphone interview with Morris and what’s coming in 2019. 

“I’ve accumulated about 30 new songs that I want to record,” said Morris. “Currently, in the last few weeks, I’ve been narrowing it down to the 10 best songs that I want to put on the next record. I’m planning that out now—how I want to approach that, if I want any guests.  We’re planning 2019 tour dates now and hopefully a new album in the spring." 

Thanks to Bill Howe for the terrific pic and visit Morris' website for tour dates and more good news soon.