Virtual Guitar Tech Service

This free service matches players with Gibson’s team of professional techs in real-time to cover basic tune-ups for guitar, bass, electric and acoustic players in any genre or style.

  • FREE one-on-one consultations
  • Real-time and personalized assistance
  • Tune-up services for any skill level
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Introducing the Gibson Brands Virtual Guitar Tech Service

Now is a great time to get back into, or to start playing music! Gibson is offering a personalized VGT Service for any player who wants to self-service their instrument. But unlike online instructional videos, you won’t be all alone; the VGT service provides you with real-time, interactive assistance from an experienced technician to help guide you through the process. This is done through FREE online one-on-one video conference calls. We can assist you with your Gibson (or Epiphone, Kramer, or Steinberger) electric or acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, or electric bass.

Assistance with a variety of setup and maintenance tasks is available from the Virtual Guitar Tech Service. Since you’ll be doing the actual work yourself while the technician demonstrates, guides and advises you in real-time, your comfort level and prior experience will determine the level of service you’ll be able to perform, but even most beginners will be able to successfully remove old strings, clean their instrument, condition the fretboard, install new strings and tune the instrument with the help of our technicians. If you’re uncomfortable performing more advanced tasks like adjusting your truss rod, pickup height, action and intonation, or if your instrument needs more extensive repair work, the technician can counsel you on how to get it professionally serviced. We can even assist players who don’t already own an instrument (or who are looking for a new one) through our Gibson Brands Concierge Service. This free service is a terrific way to find the perfect Gibson, Epiphone, Kramer or Steinberger instrument for you if you don’t already own one, but are interested in learning how to play.

VGT calls are free, personalized, one-on-one live video conference calls between you and a knowledgeable and experienced instrument technician. You’ll need Zoom video conferencing software installed on your computer. Zoom can be downloaded for free from

The Virtual Guitar Tech (VGT) experience is a two-step process:

Step 1

Schedule free 30-minute one-on-one consultation call with a VGT. On this video conference call you’ll discuss the type of instrument you have and its current condition, the nature of any issues you’re currently experiencing with it, as well as what type of services you’d like to perform on your instrument. The VGT will ask you various questions about your playing experience and style, as well as your experience and comfort level with working on your own instrument. The VGT will also give you a list of the basic tools and supplies that you’ll need to have on-hand to successfully perform the tasks you’d like to accomplish.

Step 2

Schedule free 60-minute one-on-one Basic Guitar Tune Up Service with a VGT. This is scheduled after your initial consultation call in order to give you time to order supplies and tools and have them delivered to you. The VGT will guide you step-by-step through the process of servicing your instrument.

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