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In our constant effort to stand by our consumers, protect them, and bring them the finest products in the world, Gibson Brands, Inc. takes a firm and aggressive stance against all makers of counterfeit guitars and their distribution channels. These low-budget, inferior guitars are pale imitations of the quality, performance, and craftsmanship of authentic originals. We continue to hear complaints from consumers and fans who have purchased one of these guitars from websites and auction sites thinking they were getting an authentic instrument.

The makers and sellers of counterfeits are scamming our global family of musicians and Gibson Brands, Inc. does not take it lightly. We would like to urge all our consumers not to be taken in by the works of dishonest sellers. If a guitar is being sold for a fraction of what it would typically sell for, it is likely not a real Gibson Brands, Inc. guitar. The best way for consumers to protect themselves against fraud is to purchase your guitar from an authorized dealer, or consult one in advance. You can also call Gibson Brands, Inc. Guitar Customer Service at 1-800-444-2766 for any inquiries or advice. We strongly urge all consumers to be careful and aware of this worldwide problem. At Gibson Brands, Inc., we care about our consumers, our legacy, and our name. Remember, only a real Gibson is good enough..

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